Poems By Raymond Antrobus

Thursday, 2 June 2011


You saw her in the street beneath a bus shelter,
you have not seen her since the break up.
You are wearing a T-Shirt you wore when you were together.

If she sees you she will not think

Oh’ my god there’s my ex boyfriend! Oh’ my god! he had those clothes when we broke up, what the fuck? It’s been 5 years!

This is not like a dream you’ve been trying to have.
You know, other than the T-shirt you are wearing
you do not look like her old lover.
You can grow a beard now,
although you did shave this morning,
And it’s so like you to not know what to do
in an awkward situation.

you are out of the love you were in,
but you can’t believe what things matter right now,
she is wearing a style you have not seen her in,
you don’t want to get close enough to know she smells different.

She does not know that you are calling yourself a poet now
But you hope she sees the notebook in your hand
and the way you hang your face like you’re thinking
harder than ever before.

You realize you are pouting,
you’ve always done that,
she has definitely seen you
and you are both pretending
to be who you are.

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